John H Davis
Custom Knifemaker


For as long as I can remember I have had a knife in my pocket and even as a 5 yr old heading to the woods to go fishing I had a knife in my pocket. My Dad made sure I knew how to use it rather than say I could not have one while I was away from home. It seemed to me the most natural thing that a person would have a knife with them to do whatever chore that needed it, no matter where they were going. And so when the teacher for metal shop in High School asked us, what each of us wanted to make for final exam, I had to say a knife. It actually was a machete but you get the idea. Well as the years went by I would make a knife for a friend or family member and give them for Christmas presents and each time I would study to make it better.  When I heard the American Bladesmith Society has a school to teach bladesmithing I had to go, so it was off to the ABS Bladesmithing School in Old Washington, AR... It was there that I was able to study under ABS Mastersmiths Jim Crowel and Bruce Fuller, where I was able to learn some of the techniques and principles of these Mastersmiths and confirm some of the hard learned lessons of trial and error. My goal in taking this class was to refine my knife forging skills and to be able to make the best knife I can. I am also glad to say that Master knifemaker Herb Derr is a good friend of mine and he has been instrumental in how I make my Damascus steel for my knives. Herb Derr has been open to my visits to his shop and has helped me in my journey to making the best knife I can. He was the one that encourged me to do my first knife show. He also helped me become a probationary member of the Knifemakers Guild. I am presently the President and Treasure of the Florida knifemakers Association, a full Voting member of the Knifemakers Guild and an Apprentice member of the American Bladesmith Society. 
I enjoy making all types of knives and welcome special orders, I frequently make : Bowies, Drop point hunters, Fighters and Daggers. 

The Steels I frequently use are: 52100, 5160,W2, O1, Damascus that I make myself and Stainless blade steels  by request.

          John H Davis
            Hand Forged
              Custom  Knives
  52100 - 5160 – W2 - O1 and my own Damascus 
  Fruitland Park, Fl.  

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